I've been captain of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life team in Vacaville for the past 12 years.
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The American Cancer Society Relay for Life is a 24 hour team event that raises awareness of cancer in the community and raises funds to fight cancer.  Throughout Relay for Life, teams of friends, families and co-workers commit to keeping at least one member walking the track…because cancer never sleeps.

This year’s event occurs from 9am Saturday, June 20 to 9am Sunday, June 21, at Vacaville High School’s Track.  
Be a part of the fight with cancer... JOIN my team or DONATE to the cause:

Every year I usually have a hairdresser come and donate her time and skills to cut hair for Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
I have personally donated my hair 7 times to Locks of Love.
I get a haircut every 2 years for a good cause.  This year, I'll just be collecting hair to mail to these causes.

My friend, Sandy Owens, got me started with Relay for Life in memory of her sisters who battled breast cancer.

I now walk for a number of people:
In memory of my godfather, W. Kueng Wong
In honor of my Uncle Johnny
In honor of Chevo Melendez, Juan's dad

Sandy Owens' sisters, Sue and Nikki, who succumbed to breast cancer
Sandy Owens' mom, Mary, who also succumbed to breast cancer
Patricia Walpole, Shelley Shumate's mother
Linda Murphy
Frederick Cipriano
Marty Bernavage
Dan Sheldon
Alice Price
Alicia Soriano Serrano
Marie Beauchamp
Juliet Calalo
Carol Robak, Carrie Gifford's mother
John and Beth Gomez, Jennifer Gomez's parents
Estrella Moore, Sharon King-Gomez's aunt
Pam McMahon, Mike McMahon's stepmother
John and Mary Arter, Linda Maynerich's parents
Patricia Ramos, Fred Ramos' mother
MaryLou Burns, Patty's mother
Bill and Pauline Linnins, Jerry's parents
Adam Aguilar, Soledad's son
Ted Rosenthal, Oliver's father
Bob Perryman and Doris Brindley, Joy's husband and mother
Amanda Rozman, Michelle and Ron's daughter

Megan Lawrence, Joe's wife,  fighting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma!
Mary Pearce, Bernie's wife, battling breast cancer!
Clayton Jones, son of KC and Kirsten Jones...leukemia survivor!
Joshua Garrido, son of Rochelle and Tim...leukemia survivor!
John Ax...survivor!
Andrea Madison...survivor!
Cindy Clark, Patrick's wife, a breast cancer survivor!
Nedra Evert, Kirsten Jones' mother, another breast cancer survivor!
Lori Kent and her mother, Mary Jo Williams, both survivors!
Charles Blake, Andre's dad fighting the battle!
Lorena Ramirez, Laura's sister...survivor!
Sara Magzoub, another cancer survivor!
Angela Thorn, Josh's wife...survivor!
Alamo Sao, Tai's dad...survivor!
Jennifer Ramos, Fred's wife, cervical and breast cancer survivor!