Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend's almost over!

It's Sunday and JoAnn and I walked to the nearby Maori Church. What an experience. They have lots of singing in the church which has FANTASTIC acoustics and all the men and women are harmonizing and it sounds like you are listening to a record.
Lots of ladies or "mamas" as they call them come out in their Sunday Best and the hats are really beautiful. After the sermon and songs, they invited us "visitors" to the hall right next door for a snack. We are talking potluck. No snack and tea here. LOTS of food. From cakes, doughnuts, breads, chicken, corn, salads, etc. It was a feast.
Then, I walked to town to blog today since there is nothing else open today. We are planning on having an early dinner around 2 and then just relaxing the rest of the night until we start work again tomorrow.

This is the lovely sunset we saw on Thursday night.
And yes, we did go to the EMpire theater and see HellBoyII. And even had our intermission ice cream. We left about 5 minutes before the movie ended because we were afraid of missing the bus and having to wait another hour for the next one, so we had to ask the motel caretaker, Mary what happened at the end of the movie.

JoAnn, Megan and I also walked to the market yesterday morning after breakfast and saw some neat sights. Coca Cola cans in a different language, and fresh local fruits and vegetables all on display and for sale.

Funny sight here, they spell "tire" with a "y"
So, it's TYRES for sale.
Ta-ta for now.
Will post in a couple of days.