Saturday, October 25, 2008

A weekend in DC!!!

We wanted to take it easy on Mom today, so since the Air and Space Museum is only a block away, we just had the breakfast buffet downstairs and then walked over to the museum. We immediately snagged a wheelchair to give mom a break on all the walking she would do. Of course there are NO pictures of her in the chair, she wouldn't allow it, just like yesterday she would hide the cane she was using every time we took a picture.
The museum is HUGE and 2 stories high with lots to see. They basically follow the history of the airplane, through all the wars and such, and covers space travel through the years. We took a break around 1 to get lunch, they have a McD's and a Boston Market inside the museum, although you can't bring in any food from the food court.
Here's a picture of the inside of Apollo know, the Tom Hanks/Ron Howard film where there was a small fire in the capsule and they had to abort their mission to the moon..."Houston, we have a problem."
Can you guess what type of astronaut food this is???
It's mac-and-cheese and shrimp cocktail (or jambalya?). The cubes in the back are also astronaut food...from the 60s! They actually made the food into CUBES!
We stuck around for some of the videos and saw LOTS of actual artifacts and models. It was really neat. Mom's favorite part of the space exhibit? The astronaut uniform...wait for it...because it has all of the pockets and velcro enclosures! Pockets galore!
It was pretty busy today for a Saturday. Here's Betty trying to move a chair in one of the "theaters" The chairs were all bolted into the floor. [Of course, I didn't know they were bolted down when I tried to move it! That's me laughing when i realized what a dope I was!] HAHA!
There was also a heat sensing live tv there. Here's what Sharon & Mom look like with the dark colors showing the highest heat. As you can see, as usual Mom is very HOT! Sharon's hands don't even register as warm...they are a nice bright orange color. Betty's the one taking the picture. Sharon is the orange faced one standing behind me and Mom is waving her hand.
It did start to rain by the time we were ready to head back for the hotel, but being only a block away, it wasn't so bad.
Betty got some real neat shots of a lot of the planes and such, she figured Tony would enjoy them, maybe Jose too.
We hope the weather is better tomorrow, we were planning on going to the zoo and seeing the Panda Bears. We also signed up for tickets on Tuesday to go inside the Washington Monument and see spectacular views from the observation deck.
We only have a few more places on our list to see then we will be back in California on Wednesday.
Happy Birthday to Hailey Boyd today!!! She is now 5 years old!!! We called and sang "Happy Birthday" to her via a message on the machine.
That's it for now.
Blog you later,
Sharon, Betty and Mom