Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vaka 104 RULES!!!

Here is my group "Vaka 104" the 104th team to come to the Cook Islands. It's sad though, Debi, the director thinks that the numbers will probably decrease as time goes by with the state of the economy these days. They have already determined that this program in the Cook Islands will be only part time next year. How sad that the children will not be receiving consistent volunteers to help with their reading. So, if anyone is interested in this, I highly recommend you try it out. Let me know if anyone is interested, and I'll have Debi send along a pamphlet for you to peruse. No pressure, that is all they will send you, no phone calls or anything else.
After taking the picture, we all went out to eat at the Rarotongan and watched the lovely sunset, had a fabulous dinner and saw an island show complete with "fire dancing."

Isn't this sunset beautiful? I love how the sun is shining out of the clouds, it looks like a volcano erupting.
Yesterday I took a break from the kids and visited the "mamas" or elderly women of the island. There is a program where Mary, a retired nurse opens up the house on Tuesday through Thursday. Mary greeted me and promptly did not let me help her do anything. She treated me more as a guest than a volunteer. It was cute. I kept asking if I could help and she kept telling me to sit and she would be "right with you."
There were 6 of the Mamas that came in a van, all varying in their mobility. One had a walker, a couple used canes and some were walking fine on their own.
They arrived and promptly sat in "their" chairs on the covered porch. Mary had placed a small book on each chair and promptly began the day with the devotion and they all broke out in song. It was beautiful. Then, on to "exercise" time. Mary said, " get your book" and we proceeded to exercise with our book. 15 times over our heads, 15 times with the left hand, then 15 times with the right hand. Then, "books down" and we stood up and did 15 twists to each side, and sat down and did leg lifts and we ended with what Mary said was "bicycle race!" and everyone stomped their feet over and over until Mary declared, "finish!"'
Then, one of the Mamas broke out her embroidery and another her crocheting and the rest sat and listened to the radio.
i sat and talked to a few of them and offered up a game of cards, but no takers. Until one of them said yes and wanted to know if I knew how to play "Uka", I said no, but she could teach me. Well, I passed out some cards to each of us and she put down a club and said "clubs" I said that I didn't have andy clubs, so she answered with, "then put down any card" And that went on for a couple of rounds until Mary announced that lunch was ready.
Here are the Mamas at lunch.

Today, I returned to the school to listen to the readers again. We were kind of double booked today as Gevenie and Rei were yesterday with me gone. Today, Rei went to be with the Mamas.
So, here is a sign that is posted right outside of town on both sides, so you see it either when you arrive to town or when you are leaving town.

Some good reminders, eh?
So, I have the "thought of the day" tomorrow, I must peruse the internet in the 20 minutes I have left to find a suitable quote.
Thinking of everyone fondly and missing you all,