Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finished!!! 100 Invitations!

What is all this, you may ask? 100 invitations for my friend Jeff and his fiance, Aftan, whose wedding is in September.

Here's the outside and the inside. Their colors are Burnt Orange, Dark Teal and Ivory.
Jeff is a graphic artist so he designed the inside part that I printed in vellum. Can you see the watermark of the "J" and the "A" in the corners? It looks really cool.
I couldn't find reasonably priced handmade paper, so I searched for some textured paper and found it at Michael's. Tah dah! Watercolor paper, the kind you find as a big sheet 22" X 30" that I ended up tearing and giving the natural torn look. I even ordered them a stamp with their names on them in a font they picked and stamped it on the outside of the invitation.

What do you think?
Thanks for checking in!