Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scrapbooking Day was a success!!!

We had about 8 people come to our special day and we gots LOTS done!
Gretchen even finished all of her 2005 pictures and completed her digital scrapbook.
We had lots of FUN, FOOD and of course GREAT company. Where else can you talk scrapbooking all day?

Madison and Nicole (daughter and mom scrapbooking together, shows you're never to young to start, huh?)

Lacey finishing up her honeymoon pics to New Zealand

Kathy busy working on her first scrapbook

Sara, Gretchen and Ana sharing digital happenings

We even took a picture showcasing the CRICUT machine so I could enter it in a Cricut "Swarm" contest. I hope we win!
Looking forward to the next event...I'm looking at Saturday, August 8th.
Who's in?