Monday, February 21, 2011

Greetings from Basel! FYI, it is 9 hours ahead than PST.

Check out my pictures here:

Friday, Feb. 18-19
I experienced my first Business Class flight and let me tell you, it was interesting. You get lots of stuff...socks, eye mask, ear plugs, place to put your shoes, soft pillow and extra soft and warm blanket, on demand movies, TV and music. I was served a multicourse meal including salad, choice of entree, dessert and then ended it with a Swiss chocolate. After sleep, you are woken up with a hot towel and full breakfast.
Oh, and did I mention my seat can be in either lounge or bed mode? I can also make the seat cusion softer or firmer and even turn on the massage. I was sleeping most of the 10+hour flight, so I didn't get a chance to take more pictures, but will take more on the flight home to show you what I mean.
Then, from the plane to the train and another 1+ hour ride from Zurich to Basel.
And guess who was waiting for us, it was Lesli and Alex!!! Yay, what a fun surprise! We jumped on a tram to get us from the station to the hotel, dropped off my stuff and got to hang out with the girls. I wanted to jump right into the time zone, so I stayed up untill 11pm this time, took some melatonin and conked out.
Sunday, Feb. 20
I only woke up about 3 times, but then got up to have breakfast with Alex, Rachael and Lesli since Alex asked to "have breakfast in my hotel sometime." That made me get up the right time around here to prepare for my early morning tomorrow. Than, they took me around to where I would be training so I would know where to go. Everthing is within walking distance, so it's not that bad. Then off to see more of Basel and some sites around here. They have LOTS of water fountains, they have them all over the city. There are some fountains, however, that say specifically, "Not Drinking Water."
Since it was Sunday and nothing is open, we will have to do more sightseeing another time, plus it was raining. We had lunch at the restaurant that had a little kid's nook with toys and activities. Perfect for little Miss Alex. Then, back on the tram to get to their place. Since I am in a Swiss hotel, all of your transportation is taken care of. They give you a pass that is good on all the trams and buses.
They wanted me to stay up and NOT take a nap so we hung out and chatted until dinner time. Had a yummy dinner courtesy of Rachael's cooking and once Alex went to bed, we went off to tie up some loose ends with the training on Monday.
Time for me to go to bed, I will try and blog again soon!
P.S. Rachael is taking VERY good care of me!