Tuesday, March 13, 2012

50 invites for Jeff's 50th!

What happens when you put my sister Carol and me together to make some invites?
AWESOMENESS!!! Her friend wanted a cowboy themed invite for her husband's 50th and TA-DAH...this is what we made.

Here is the inside with the details of the event. I love www.1001freefonts.com! you can buy all 10,000 fonts for $19.95, but why bother? When you can download each one you need for FREE!!! There are TONS of styles and they are all categorized. I just chose Western and picked my favorite. I also love the handwriting ones for when I scrapbook.

Want to know what 50 invites look like? Here you go! So much fun to make and had a blast hanging out with my sister!

If you ever need a card, invite or announcement, click on this link to give me details on what you want.
More samples are at http://sharonscardsandmore.blogspot.com/
I will create something you will LOVE! Just be sure to give enough time for me to create a sample and get your approval before completing your order.

P.S. If you need a scrapbook, click on this link and let me know how you would like your album made.
Visit http://notime2scrap.blogspot.com/ for samples of albums I have made.

Thanks for checking in!