Saturday, December 14, 2013

Baby Shower album and candy game!

One of my good friends, Sheri, called me up to tell me that her brother is expecting a baby and needed help with hosting a baby shower.
She just wanted a couple of games, and didn't want anything too elaborate.
We served this awesome pink punch made of scoops of raspberry sherbet and ginger ale.  It foams up like a root beer float and tastes really YUMMY!
So, first I thought it would be nice to have a nice keepsake for the baby, so when I was at the Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento, I picked up a small pink photo album and cranked out 20 pages for the guests to write in their good wishes for the baby and the parents to be.  I used my Big Shot and cut out a variety of shapes, stamped a ton of baby images and die cut the baby's name on the first and last pages.

Then, I shopped  for some items at Party City.
Remember the old shower game where people wear clothespins and aren't allowed to say the word "baby?" If they do, then their clothespin can be taken away.  The person at the end the party with the most clothespins wins.
To put a twist on it, I decided to buy some pink beaded necklaces instead.
 So, as the guests arrived, we gave them each a necklace and explained that they weren't allowed to say "baby" or "Patty," the mom-to-be, otherwise their necklace would be taken away.  The winner would be the one with the most necklaces at the end of the party.

I also thought a nice candy vase would be an easy game.  I layered different colored candies in a container, and had the guests guess how many candies they think were in the container and the closest guess would win the container. Yes, I actually counted out the candies.

Here were the guesses and the winner was ONE candy away!!! Can you believe that?
Thanks for checking in!