Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another group card!!!

I had a co-worker request a card for about 22 people to sign.  She was going to give it as a Thank You card along with a cupcake cake.  Have you seen these?
It is a group of cupcakes that they frost together like a regular cake, but when it's time to serve it, you just have to take a cupcake.  This is the one she was going to order.
How AWESOME is that?
So, once she sent me the picture of the cake she was ordering, I got inspired to make a box gift card with matching colors.  Since it was a gift, I felt it needed a couple of paper bows to finish off the lid, so I used the Gift Bow Bigz Die to make the 2 bows.
Inside, I used the Word Bubbles Framelits Die so that everyone could sign it.  I placed them on both sides of the 4 sides of the boxes that matched all 3 of the colors of the cake.

Thanks for checking in!