Sunday, April 27, 2014

Organizing Cindi's craft room!!!

Now you know how much I LOVE organizing, here's a previous blog post I wrote about Clean Sweeping.
 I went over to my friend, Cindi's house today to help her organize her craft room.
Here are a few "BEFORE" shots.
The entire floor was covered and there was even an extra table taking up space.
I asked her what her dream was and she just wanted to know what she has and have a work space that she could craft on.  Here is the extra table full of stuff.
Here is her work table, totally covered with stuff.
 So we started to take things out of the room and stationed them into piles.  We started sorting though them and piled them into 3 piles, Scrap booking, Beading, Quilting (her newest hobby), and things to donate/sell/give away.  
As I was going through the scrap booking items, I was finding some "themes" to items that were going to live in her room.  
They were:  

Each had a container and once I had them identified, it helped to put away all the items that were recently purchased that were still in their shopping bags.  
We ended up with LOTS of EMPTY shopping bags in the very end.
So, here are the "AFTER" pictures:
Here is her work table where she can start her projects with the most used tools close by.  
See the 3 large containers underneath?  Cindi already had 3 organizers for her main themes, they are: Disney (She's a BIG fan), Christmas (She's a SUPER fan), and Baby (she does a lot of baby albums).  
Here are her IKEA shelves now labelled and containerized with all her stuff.  Cindi was so happy to be able to see what she has.  I told her that she can now "shop" in her own craft room.
So, we filled ALL 12 cubes and even added another cube on top of the shorter shelf to hold the pictures and projects she wanted to finish.  Also next to the bonus cube, there are some adhesives that I suggested that she put on a Lazy Susan to help get to them conveniently.
And here is her work space, a clear table top!!!
Thanks for checking in!