Monday, May 12, 2014

Paper Fortune Cookies!!

I was inspired to make some unique Mother's Day gifts, and I remember making Paper Fortune Cookies for my new hires years ago to wish them well after I spent 2 weeks training them.
I made them out of cardstock and the fortune was a message wishing them well as they embark on their first day on the manufacturing floor. I wanted this to be their first piece of mail in their work mailbox.
It looked something like this:
Here's my mini version for Mother's Day.  Here is the box full of them.

 I chose 2 different papers and packaged them with matching toppers in mini ziploc bags.
I started with a Scalloped Circle.
 I gently folded it in half, just in the middle because you need a crease for the fold.
 Here is the fortune cut into strips:  "Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a day as FABULOUS as you!-Sharon
Flip the paper over, with the crease now vertical, place the fortune so it lays across the middle and hold the ends up like folding a taco.
 Put the center against the edge of a table and gently fold it over

 Then, pinch the ends together and use a glue dot to keep it together.
 I used the Framelits Labels for the topper of the 4 x 3 Ziploc bags, stamped and punched out the "Just for You" tag.
I folded the label in half, stapled the back to the bag, and used some double stick tape to hold down the front of the label to the front of the bag.
 Tah Dah!!
 What do you think?
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