Sunday, July 13, 2014

Family Reunion activities and games!!

My friend Dolly asked for help with her family reunion.
I've talked about it on another page on my Children's Parties tab if you need some background and other ideas.

I came up with some ideas for both activities to keep the kids occupied since everyone arrives at different times, and games to play together once everyone arrives.
We started with Froot Loop necklaces.
I cut some string and put some tape on the ends to help with the stringing.  You know, like the aglet on the end of your shoelace?  Yes, I looked up what the name of the thing at the end of the shoelace was called.

Then, I tied a Froot Loop on the other end so it acted like a knot at the end so that as they strung the cereal, it wouldn't fall out the end.
This is what it looks like done.
We also had some water guns for the kids to use.  We got them from the Dollar Store.  I had a few of those bins with rope handles filled with water and they were able to suck up water and shoot each other.  So much easier to fill than water guns.
 We also got some water balloons from the Dollar store and they included a nozzle that you screwed on the faucet.  It was great!  It made it so much easier to fill a whole bin!
With these, we did a Water Balloon Toss.  We started at about 5 feet apart and after each successful toss, they were able to take another step apart and toss again!
Then, for the next relay race, it was another water one.  We had 4 bins, 2 black and 2 blue.
 I filled one of each color with water and placed them together at one end of the grass.  The empty ones, I placed at the end of the field about 15 feet away.  We picked teams and I put one of those car washing sponges into each bin with water, you know the ones that are oblong shaped?
I had the first member take the sponge and run with it to the empty bin, and the would SQUEEZE it and run back to throw it back into the bin so the next person would transfer as much water as they could.
After about 3 minutes, I called time and we measured which team transferred the MOST water.  It was a lot of fun!
The last thing we had planned was a Nature Scavenger hunt.  Since we were in a park, I thought this would be perfect.
I printed up the list from a link in Pinterest and then stapled them to paper grocery bags. 
Here is the document I created.  Break the players in teams and send them off with the bag and a pen or marker to check off the items they find.
So fun to see what they find!

If you need any ideas for kids party activities, games, and more, visit my Children's Parties tab.
Thanks for checking in!