Saturday, August 23, 2014

I was featured in an article in my local paper!!

Okay, so officially this is not the first time I appeared in the local paper, The Daily Republic, but it is the first time I am being spotlighted. Here's my first entry last year reminiscing about high school athletics.
Here's how it happened.  I received a FB message last week from the interviewer, Tony Wade, who asked if he could interview me for an article for the paper about what he referred to as "my scrapbooking adventures".  We scheduled to talk on the phone at 7:03pm. (He said he likes to pick odd times, for no reason.)
We had a GREAT conversation and this is the outcome!  Click the link below to the online article.

When he sent a photographer, Aaron, and I was SO nervous, so you can see me just sitting at my table, not sure how to pose.  I even had the photographer make a card while he was there.  This is the card he made.
And I knew that Tony was a Raiders fan, so I made him this card.   I picked a spinner card because I was describing it to Tony during our conversation and decided to go with one the Raiders emblem.  Because it's a moving card, I took a video of it in action.


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