Saturday, September 20, 2014

My latest Clean Sweep!! I love to organize other people's things!!

I had a great "CLEAN SWEEP" day today with Teri!! She needed some help with her loft.  Here are the "before" pictures where five years of baby clothes and toys have migrated to.  
The goal is to make the loft into her daughter's playroom/entertainment room.
Teri is such a generous soul, she had us pack most of her stuff and donated it to Vacaville Storehouse, Savers, and Opportunity House.  She is setting some items aside to give to her cousin who is expecting a baby boy.  We had about 30 bags of things to donate plus a second carload of mostly toys.
And once we got the loft cleared out, we worked on moving her daughter's play things from the family room to the loft.  
These are some of the items that we needed to move, first a play kitchen,
a toy chest, a stroller, and some stuffies,
and some Barbie houses and castles,
also this IKEA bookcase to hold all her other play things.
Here is the "after" shots of the loft now. Teri had the assignment of getting the room organized after we got it cleaned out. 
What a LOVELY playroom/entertainment room for her daughter!
How do you like it?

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