Saturday, January 17, 2015

Origami fun!

To be truthful, I think I was immediately OBSESSED when a friend in junior high, RuthAnn introduced me to Origami.  
She taught me how to fold a crane and a frog.  From then on, whenever I had a piece of paper, I would fold them, over and over until I committed each fold to memory.  Even today, folding a piece of paper is interestingly relaxing to me.

So, I had lots of different 12 X 12 paper, cut them into 6 X 6 squares and made this cube by folding 6 squares. I learned how to make this from Pinterest.
Start with a 6 X 6 paper and fold it in half and then in half again on both sides until you get 16 squares.
Then, fold each corner to the center to make this shape.  Unfold it and then, flip it over.
And fold only the corner squares in.

You should be able to fold each side in to create this shape.
Once they are all folded in, you will get this.
Cut a piece of paper that is 2-7/8" by 2-7/8" and slip it in to keep the frame flat.
Cut another piece of paper that is a 2" square and score it diagonally.  This piece will put all the squares together.
Fold the paper on the score line, put adhesive on one flap at a time, and just slip it in between the flaps and attach them together.
Like this:
You can make a square with 4 of the frames.
Then, insert 4 more of the 2" squares on the top to attach the top frame and repeat to the bottom to finish off the square.
Here is the finished cube.
Again, I become obsessed and made a TON of frames.  For these, I attached them together in groups of 4 to make hanging frames. 
 Who needs one and what color do you you want?
Thank you for checking in! 
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