Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine glow sticks

Inspired by Pinterest once again!
I was asked by a friend to come up with some Valentine goodies for her son's class.  I immediately went to Pinterest and found a TON of ideas.  This is the one I decided to do. It is a Valentine with a glow stick.
This is a picture of the printable I found on Pinterest.  There are two versions, here is the blue one.
Here is the pink version. You just need to print out the Valentines, cut them out, and punch two holes at opposite ends to slip the glow stick through.  The top part is the connector that comes with the glow stick to let you make it into a bracelet if you want to.
I ended up making a total of 45 of them, 21 for her son and 24 for her nephew.  It was a little tricky, I accidentally activated a few glow sticks as I was making them, so I was extra careful after doing it a couple of times.  Here they all are UNACTIVATE and NOT glowing!! 

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