Sunday, July 17, 2016

Making my vegee tray!!

I always make a vegee tray for any party/event I organize or attend.
The one thing I always get questions about is the jicama. 
"What it that?" 
"What does it taste like?" 
"How do you serve it?" 
I buy it so often at Raley's I even know the vegetable code (#4626) for it and have to tell the cashier if they don't know what it is and I tell them and then tell them to code to punch in.  
This is what jicama looks like when you buy it.
I first start with peeling it with a knife.  If you don't peel enough of it, it still has some fibrous parts that are hard to chew.
Once the peel has been removed, it looks like this:
I start by cutting it in half first.
Then, into planks, then into strips.
For the celery, I take off the out stems and wash them first.  Then, I cut off the white ends.
Next, I cut off the leafy tops.
You end up with many stalks.  If they are too wide, I cut them in half first.
Then, I cut them into bite sized sticks.
For bell peppers, I choose one of each color.  I was told that the ones with the 3 bumps are good for snacking and the ones with 4 bumps on the bottom are good for cooking.
First, I cut off the top.
Next, I cut off the bottom.
Then, I stand it on it's end and cut a slit down the side.
Then, I run the knife down the sides so you are cutting out the middle of the pepper.
You end up with the center in one piece and a strip of the pepper that you can cut into smaller snack sized strips.
Nothing goes to waste, I bring this bag to my sister and brother-in-law's ranch to feed the chickens and pigs.
Here is the finished vegee tray.
Thank you for checking in!

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