Sunday, March 19, 2017

Channeling my knitting genes...thank you Mom and Grandma!!!

I started knitting again.  It's been quite a while since I knitted.

My grandma used to knit sweaters for my sisters and me.  She was a tiny little thing, we are talking like a little bitty 80 pound Chinese grandma, but she was such a strong woman, coming to America, not knowing English and learning to sign her name and her numbers, and eventually even became an U.S. citizen at 86 and she even lived until 104!!
I love how she would use her arm as a measuring tool and then wonder why the sleeves were always too short for us "growing girls."  She would hand wash every skein and then roll them into these gigantic balls the size of a playground ball.

My mom started using a loom and made some warm blankets for us kids.  Later on, she loved to knit scarves to sell at the vendor fairs at my work.  Many of you may still have some of her scarves!!

My mom would amaze me on how quickly she could get them done.  I used to tease that she would get one done during each of her favorite game shows (Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy!).
So, this is how it happened, there was a sale on yarn at Michaels, and I kind of went a little crazy and bought about 30 skeins. I started with a simple infinity scarf pattern I saw on Pinterest.
Here was my first attempt, with one skein, size 13 knitting needles.
Here is my second attempt with 2 skeins and larger knitting needles, size 15.
Here it is on.

Then, I went with one skein again, different color, and larger needles. 

Another kind of yarn, same size needles.
Another yarn, same needles, and too short for an infinity scarf, I need another skein to finish it out, back to Michaels again.

Then, I saw another pattern on Pinterest, for easy fingerless gloves. You knit 2 rectangles and only sew 2 inches from the top and 5 inches from the bottom to leave a hole for your thumbs.  I didn't like the thickness of them, so after I took the picture, I took it apart and am now working on another scarf instead.
When I undid the gloves, I tried to made a yarn ball like my Grandma used to so the yarn you are using starts from the middle.  Hers looks like a machine did them, they were so precise and made a pretty pattern. My ball is kind of like it, but not even close to the preciseness. 
This is what I am working on now.
Thank you for checking in!

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