Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of work

So, I made it through the first day.

We start each day with a quote, today's was "carpe diem" and then someone is in charge of writing in the journal and sharing it the next morning. so Bill wrote about our weekend and I am in charge of today's entry and will share it with the rest of the group tomorrow morning. Then, next Tuesday is my turn with the quote of the day.

If anyone has a good quote to share, share it in a comment and I'll share it with my group. It's suppose to set the tone of the day.

We arrived at the school after it had started so we kind of threw the kids off track and had to wait around for some of the kids to show up even though we sent the kids we had to find the next readers.
So, I am listening to readers in an elementary school everyday and one day next week, I will visit an "old folks" home and check it out. I don't think I could do it for any longer than that, but I really wanted to try it for a day.
The library was my second choice, but someone else got that. They really need a lot of support for the reading program.

The kids were cute as ever and read fairly well. I am so used to the younger kids, that these 4-6 graders are just amazing me. The thing is they "read" well, but don't comprehend what they are reading. so, you stop a lot and ask about the story, or I say things like, " what do you think about that?" or, "Have you ever done something like that?"

It starts out some good conversation and obviously the fact that I am Chinese has fasinated many of them. They want me to teach them how to speak Chinese. So, I gave a few lessons along with listening to them read.

We got a ride from our leader this morning, but caught a bus home. So, from now on, it's the bus from now on. Even sitting with a bunch of kids on their way home, I got to chat with them even for a few minutes. We got a bus pass good for the week's ride, but we cheated since we got a ride today and rode it to the town to hit the internet cafe. So, we'll use it to return to the motel.
I have also volunteered to keep track of all the items in the team room: extra clothes people left, books, and supplies like insect repellent and such. i told them I would be the person to do that since I will obviously have stuff to leave the next group. I so overpacked, but am glad I have everything I do.

Tonight we have a dinner with the community leaders. By the way, the food here is great, we have a local that comes and caters dinner for us each night. cool, huh?
And tell my Mom I get rice to eat, it is part of their main staples.Trying to keep hydrated, sometimes I forget.

I try and will post pictures the next time. Have some really good views from my motel. Reminds me a lot of the Corona commercials when the people are looking onto the beach sitting in lounge chairs.
Okay, I am almost out of minutes, ta-ta for now.
I hope everyone is well.
Meitaki (Thank you)