Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm here!!!

Greetings from Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
I arrived late around 10:30pm and waited around for my BIG backpack and was greeted by the Global Volunteers leader, Debbie and her husband James. they did their best to tour me around the city in the dark, so I got the gist of how everything is close by.
It sure looks different in the daylight. I snuck into my room while my roommate Joann was sleeping and quickly took a shower before hopping into bed. I couldn't figure the water out so I took a COLD shower. My other choice was SCALDING hot. Turns out, as I spoke to my roommate, the lever is broken and only gives you those two choices unless you hold the handle in a certain way while you shower.
My roommate is really nice, she is 69 year old divorcee that has started her life over again after being married for over 35 years to a surgeon, has four grown girls, and 8 grand children. She was a stay at home mom and now is a pastor. Her daughters live all over the world, so she basically has a home everywhere. Costa Rica, Spain, Peru, etc. She is originally from Minnesota and sounds just like the people in Fargo. She either visits her daughters or does one of these volunteer things. And now with the grandchildren, her first one is graduating high school and she will take her to Italy after her graduation. It's a tradition she would like to start with them, neat, huh?
We had a really nice chat today before I ventured out to the city today. The city is about a mile and a half from the motel, so I decided to hoof it. Not too bad, and I had plenty of water to keep myself hydrated.
Then, off to the only restaurant open today. Some good fish and chips, but I forgot about not ordering anything with ice, so when she came with my ginger ale, I was too embarrassed to say anything so I just ordered another bottled water to go and am trekking with that. Everything is closed because it's Sunday.
And the only bus route is clockwise on Sunday. Otherwise there is a clockwise and an anti-clockwise bus that leaves on the hour and the half hour. That is what I will be using to get to my work site during the week.
So, we it's free time until 3:30pm and we have a group meeting and discuss what we are about to start. Then, off to a dinner with a local.
So, here's my first random thought...did I technically add another day to my life by jumping the international time zone twice?

Oh, and I can't forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Bestest Friend Cynthia!!!

She drove me to the airport on Friday and right before, we had an italian dinner in SSF and tried to use our Genenbucks, but unfortunately they were only good in Vacaville. The waiter gave us a shot of some dessert wine when we mentioned we were going to the airport. I took the shot since Cynthia was driving.

So, I hope you are celebrating my dear Cynthia!!! Happy Happy Birthday to the best friend in the whole world!!!

This place is amazing and beautiful. I definitely packed WAY too much, but what do you expect, I am a frustrated Boy Scout and wanted to be prepared. I guess I'll leave a lot for the other future volunteers to use.

Okay, I have about 10 more minutes left.
I'm going to sign off now and will blog later.
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