Saturday, September 20, 2008

Almost there!

Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand!

It was a grueling 12+ hour plane ride to get here, but they did feed me dinner and breakfast. And I got to see a couple of movies, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and Made of Honor. That certainly sufficed my action and comedy movie quota for a while.

They had screens at every seat and a remote that came out of your arm rest. You could even listen to music, watch recent TV shows, movies or play games. See, if you hold it horizontal, you can use it like a game controller. Cool, huh? All with complimentary headphones too.

This internet cafe is a deal, it's only $2 an hour and they have some cushy orange chairs to sit in. The first one I saw was down an alley and then you had to climb some rickety stairs, so I passed on that one and found this one instead and decided that liked the look of this one better.

So I am about 1 day and 5 hours ahead over here, it's actually Sunday here, but when I leave for the Cook Islands, I will arrive there on Saturday night. Wierd, huh? So, obviously the date and time is totally off on the pictures.

It's that darn international timeline.
So, I don't want to spend the limited time I have in Auckland inside, because it is a BEAUTIFUL day, I've wandered around the Harbor and just enjoyed being outdoors and not cooped up in an airplane.

Here's the Sky Park, I think I may head there next, but I may stop for some lunch first.
Sushi sounds good and you figure the seafood has to be good and fresh here, right?

Oh, thanks Shelley for lending me your camera, I'm still trying to figure it out. I did find the manual online and was studying it before I got here.

Thanks for checking in, next post will be from Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

I'll let you know if I get to do the work projects I wanted to do. Cross your fingers.


P.S. I did call to check if AT&T had coverage in the Cook Islands, but I forgot to ask about Auckland, so no bars over here. I'll pay phoning it later at the airport I think.