Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 4 in NYC!!!

So, we decided to take it easy on Mom and I think she appreciated it.
We woke up a little later and had breakfast in the hotel. We get 2 "All American" Breakfasts with our stay and pay for a third meal. Sometimes the staff has an extra credit and we don't have to pay, but today we did. No big deal, but I am sure getting tired of eggs and bacon, hash browns and toast.

So, we walked to Grand Central Station and took the train to the NY Botanical Gardens. Here we are on the train. It was only about 20 minutes away and the tickets were about $6 each, a little cheaper for the senior in our group of course. The train stop dropped us right off at the entrance to the gardens and we took the tram and got the quick tour of the gardens and Mom kept saying she was sure glad she wasn't walking.

The artist Henry Moore's sculptures were all over the gardens and Betty got a chance to see them up close when we got down from the tram. They also had some Japanese Chrysanthemum displays too. We then had a little snack at the cafe, with what we bought yesterday at Chinatown. Dried Cuttle fish, sweet buns ( Bao lo baos) and mom made some ginger tea with some hot water that Betty got from the cafe. Some ladies behind her in line were amazed at how "honest" she was by offering to pay for the hot water even though the cashier said that it was no charge.
There was this turkey wandering around the grounds and it kept gazing at it's reflection in the window and wouldn't stop. A lot of people were taking its picture. It was a funny site to see.

Here are some of the neat plant sculptures they had.

On one of the paths, Mom noticed a rock that looked a lot like a white crystal, so here she is trying to uproot it and take it home. haha
We are both on the internet today so I can blog and Betty can work her magic and find some good nearby restaurants to feed Mom some good food. She's napping right now before dinner. I don't think she is up to any "American" food tonight. Yesterday at Planet Hollywood, when I said burgers and sandwiches, she made a face and ordered the Salmon Teriyaki which came with rice, of course.
So, it'll be a steak house tonight and we'll try to hit a Japanese restaurant tomorrow after the "Daily Show" We are going to need to appease her with a late lunch since we have to wait in line from 4 until the show that tapes from 5:15 to 7:15pm.
Wish us luck and maybe you'll see us on the next "Daily Show" The show will air on 11pm or 1am or 8pm the next day on Comedy Central, so you can TiVo it.

I forgot to say yesterday, Betty chummed up with her favorite presidential candidate at the Museum of the City of New York.

And Mom was so in LOVE with the winding marble staircase that led us to the second floor at the same museum. She says it reminds her of her bed in China, how cool she would be in the hot summer months just laying on marble. She also said if she were younger, this is how she would build her "dream house" with marble furniture and stairs and all.

And, at the dim sum place that the Chinese tour guy recommended to us, "The Golden Unicorn", we saw this magnificent display of a recent wedding.

Hey Carol, you can photo shop Brian's name and have it forever as a symbol of your marriage.
Blog ya later,
Sharon, Betty and Mom