Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 3 in NYC!!!

Well, we certainly took advantage of our CityTours 3 day ticket and all that came with it. For the past three days we have been on a bus to many places. Yesterday we went to: Museum of Natural History

  • Conservatory of Flowers in Central Park

  • Museum of the City of New York

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • And the rest of the Uptown NYC route

I think we over did it with Mom, she seemed tired by the time we hit the third museum and kept saying, "everything is old and broken" and she just didn't get all that "Modern Art" "It just looks like a bunch of scribbles or squares in different colors."

We even saw the Koons sculptures on the roof top garden of the museum. She did like the flowers in the park and I think it helped that we packed snacks and had a mini picnic at the park in between trips to the museums. She also liked the show at the planetarium that was narrated by Robert Redford at the Museum of Natural History, where they filmed the movie, "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller.

She really liked the "Asia Garden" display and we had to take multiple pictures because she wouldn't smile, but then when we told her to smile, she would fake laugh and say, "Ha-Ha-Ha" instead of smiling. This made us laugh so hard!

We arrived at the museum before it opened so we had time to play "King of the Hill" across the street at Central Park.

We also had our share of "wild animals" there were lots of squirrels and every time I took a picture, the squirrel looked RIGHT AT ME(!!!) and it had those "Scary Eyes" that glowed.

Today, we went downtown and went to:

  • Empire State Building

  • St. Paul's Chapel

  • Ground Zero

  • Chinatown (dim sum...yum)

  • Rockefeller Center

  • NBC Studios

We were in line to attend the NBC studio tour, but they informed us that the rest of the day's tours were cancelled and we found out later that it was because Sarah Palin was in the SNL studio to rehearse her bit for tonight's show. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

The Observatories at both the Empire State Building and the "Top of the Rock" (Rockefeller) we went to today involved security checks, LONG lines and lots of WIND!!!

We found more pressed penny machines, but the Empire State Building one had a twist. You inserted one dollar and it spit out a dollar coin and a penny and that is what you got to insert into the machine and press. What a rip-off! But we did do all 4 images!!!

So, here we are "breaking the law" again...the sign says..."Tourists are not permitted beyond this point"

Then, since we had a coupon to Planet Hollywood, we brought mom to it for dinner, but I think it was a little too loud with it's Pop music and video screens. Definitely for the younger crowd and with a "birthday" happening every few minutes, it became a little irritating even to me and Betty. I think we satisfied her with dim sum earlier and that helped soften the blow. Oh, and seeing her favorite Dancing with the Stars dancer, Mario Lopez, was the cherry on top!

She is now back at the hotel, resting while we blog. I think we'll take it easier on her tomorrow and just hang out.

Blog ya later,

Sharon, Betty and Mom