Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're in NYC!!!

Well, we arrived in new York City yesterday and promptly found the most expensive place to have steak to treat mom to her first meal in the city at "Del Francisco"...I can't seem to get away from SF!

Mom had salmon, I had a ribeye and Betty had seared Tuna which didn't quite agree with her later on unfortunately. Luckily we packed plenty of Po Chi Pills!
Afterwards, we went through Times Square and the M&M store...the Hershey store is right across the street (can't wait for tomorrow!)

Then we bought tickets with the bus line that allows you to hop on and hop off the bus to whatever sites you want to.

So, today we went to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. The ferry was really rocking! Very rough waves! Nobody got sick thanks to Dramamine and mom's writst bands. So far we have four smashed pennies for Carol. A few of the places don't have the machines any more and the Statue of Liberty was charging $3 to make a coin!!!

Mom got her fill of Chinese food today in Chinatown...just like home. Lots of people and stores with signs we couldn't read.
Mom doesn' t like the NY smells, congestion and stinky cigarettes. A little light rain ended our bus tour. So we'll save the Rockefeller Center and Empire State building for later. The bus ride is good for 3 days.

Just to let you know, on the double decker bus they tell you NOT to stand up EVER! Here's why...the street signs and lights and especially the walkways are literally inches away from your head! Here's Sharon, the lawbreaker...NO STANDING, can't you read???

There were some "just in New York" street signs we saw that said "No Honking Unless Danger". I felt like saying "Danger! Danger!" Another one said "No Unecessary Noise".
We're on the 27th Floor at the Westin in Times Square, but we didn't get the "good" view. We went to a Duane Reade (think Walgreen's but with a wierd name), which is open 24 hours and is 2 stories tall for snacks, water, etc. Tomorrow it's Uptown...Central Park, museums and the Botanical Gardens.
It's wierd to be typing this at a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop ($7/45 min.). They also recommended ANY Starbucks and Burger King for internet access.
- Betty, Sharon & Mom