Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last day in NYC!!!

Today we went to Radio City Music Hall and took the backstage tour. It's a HUGE stage that looks like a sunset when the lights are right.

Mom got her picture taken with a real Rockette! She was surprised to learn that the Rockette (real name "Scarlette"...hmmmmmm) was 29 years old and "still pretty"!

They weren't named after the Rockefellers. They were originally called the Rockets and then a guy named Mr. Roxy bought them and renamed them Roxyettes. Once he was out of the picture, they went back to Rockets, but no one liked that name...so they added a "t" and now they're the Rockettes...heights average between 5'10 1/2" and 5'6". To create the illusion on uniformity, the tallest is in the middle and then they get shorter as they go out to the ends. They need to know tap, jazz, ballet, and sing well.

Here's the mechanics of the grand (HUGE!) stage. It's the largest stage in the U.S. operated by hydrolics. In fact, the U.S. Navy came in the 1940s and used the same system on their Naval aircraft carriers in order to lift the planes from below to on the decks of the carriers before take-off in the sea.

Here's a wierd picture from the restaurant/brewery (Heartland Brewery) where they make their own sodas and beer! The hand dryers in the bathroom was so powerful that it made your skin move like the astronauts when they experience G-Force.

Here is Sharon at the NBC Experience store declaring her "Monkishness".

Tomorrow, we'll be blogging from DC! So, we better start seeing some comments to this blog! We're beginning to feel like no one's reading them! grrrrrrrrr!

Sharon, Betty, & Mom