Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're in DC!!!

A full day of traveling on Amtrak today. Funny though how they don't check baggage and there is NO security to go through. What a change from all the security we had to go through just to visit all the monuments and buildings in NYC.
The overhead bins on the train are HUGE. They even fit Mom's Ginormous suitcase!!! And the seats actually RECLINE, not psuedo-recline like on the airplane.
We just checked in and got our tickets for the double decker tour bus for two days and will take it on two of the routes they have and will be hopping on and off to our heart's content at various sites. We haven't heard from the White House, so I guess it'll be the White House Visitor's Center for us instead.
Here are a few shots of Union Station when we got off of the train. It is one HUGE station. Mom immediately went straight for the stairs for her photo op. We will stop here again on one of the tours and hit it more thoroughly along with the Old Postal Museum.

After a dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, Mom is now watching Jeopardy! and relaxing in bed.
We'll call the Melendez relative, Marina, tomorrow and see if they are available on the weekend to hook up with them. We will search for some photos on Doris' Kodak Gallery account to give to them.
Blog ya later,
Sharon, Betty and Mom