Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 2008

I just finished out the week at school and the kids started going home early, so we were send on our way. The teachers presented us with ei's and and a long flower necklace. Then, we arrived at the assembly that they have every Friday and thanks us for volunteering at the school and presented me with a pareau, and one of my students tied it on me and then, they proceeded to play some music and sing and I was instructed to dance ("just shake your hips")with him. That not being embarrassing enough, then they sped up the music and had me dance more and at a much faster pace. I'm so thankful I didn't bring my camera, no blackmail pictures for anyone to download...haha
So, here is my last chance to blog, I think tomorrow will be spent at the beach, last chance for it, and then packing. I will spend some more time in town today too and see what I haven't had a chance to see.
I hope everyone is well and I will see you all soon.