Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday, October 7,2008

Kia Orana!
We are winding down to our last week as Global volunteers and also to the last day of school on Friday. Thursday will be their "Athletic Day" with other schools. the school that I am volunteering at is competing with other local schools. Then, on Friday, they will have an "Island Dance" as a celebration for the end of the school year.
Many of the children we tutor will be performing so we asked if our farewell dinner that we will have on Friday can squeeze in going to the performance afterwards.
It's wierd only having 4 people in our group after having 6 for the last 6 weeks. Yes, I miss the car the Gevenie had rented and drove us around in, but I am making it with the bus, making sure that I tell him where I want to go instead of frantically reaching for the call button at the last minute before my stop. I am also trying to walk more and today am planning on visiting the Cook Island Library and Museum. It is open from 9-1pm then from 4-7pm, so I am planning on running errands, then exploring the library and museum and then trekking it home for a good couple of miles to get some exercise. It hasn't been too hot and it's not raining, which is a good thing, so I think my walk will be a good one.
i haven't taken any new pictures lately, so nothing really to post this time, just some more "Cook Island" words:

judder bars=speed bumps
tuck in=dig in
chilly bin=cooler
takeaway=take out
carpark=parking lot
jelly=Jell-O, can't say peanut butter and jelly, "It's peanut butter and jam!"

Oh, and when I was in Aukland, New Zealand, as I was in the Airbus, I saw on the pavement the words," Mind the Child" in white letters like we have "Ped Xing" Interesting choice of words, huh?
Well, hope all is well with everyone and am looking forward to more travels with my mom and sister Betty when we embark on our NYC and Washington D.C. visit.

Mei taki,