Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

We just celebrated my mom's birthday on Sunday since a few of my sisters were working and it would be hard for them to drive to Fairfield. I can't believe that she will be 74 on the 24th.
We got her a Wii and a Wii Fit to help with her exercising during the cold winter days. Carol and Brian also got her an electronic Price is Right game that plays all the games on the show like: PLINKO, Cliff Hanger and it even has the wheel to spin for the Showcase Showdown!!! I gave her some more word search books and Francie and Juan gave her a digital photo frame of the kids.
It took so long to "log" her into the game, she only got to register in the Wii Fit, but got to play tennis and bowling on the regular Wii game. I think she liked it.
My friend that I was going to dogsit for decided not to risk it and drive in the snowstorm that was predicted, so no dogsitting this year. I'll dogsit another time for them in January instead.

So, the countdown for Christmas, only 2 more days!

Thanks for checking in.