Monday, March 1, 2010

The kids' bday party

So, we went to the Lim's Family Banquet on Saturday night for Chinese New Year in Chinatown (as we usually do), but unfortunately the Chinese New Year Parade was the SAME NIGHT!!!
Tons of people, so we opted to take BART in and not have to worry about parking troubles.
Yummy food of course, and YES, I forgot to take pictures of the 8 different courses. Okay, so next year I will, I promise.
Onto Sunday, the "Triple Melendez" party. Jose-16, Natalie-13, and Jasmine-11. How time flies!!!
Jose just had a handful of friends come over and play video games while Natalie had a "Nightmare before Christmas" theme and Jasmine chose to have a cooking theme.
For Natalie's friends, we decorated some purses with "Day of the Dead" material, that's as close as I could get to the had skulls. For Jasmine, my sister Carol made Oreo Sunflowers, with M & M "ladybugs" Check it out:

Then came the best part, the cakes! They get to special order them from my sister Carol. Didn't she do an AWESOME job?

Here's Jose's cake, it is a checkerboard inside and on the outside she put chocolate chips, peanuts and marshmallows to make it "Rocky Road"
Then, for Natalie, she wanted Funfetti cake with some animated character and Carol embellished with Kit Kats all around the outside.

For Jasmine's Boston Creme Pie (yellow cake with custard filling and chocolate ganache on the top). Carol even made the chocolate bow on the top. It has edible heart transfers on it too!
Thanks for checking in!
Cardmaking on March 12th!
Stay tuned for the cards we create!