Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Pop up Gift Card Holder!!! TWO VERSIONS!!!

I was inspired by Pop Up Gift Card Holder tutorials at Splitcoast Stampers and Dawn Griffin's blog
Here's my version of the Splitcoast Stampers tutorial:
This card is a pop up gift card holder.  You will need a card base of 4-1/4" X 5-1/2" folded in half.
Take 2 pieces of DSP (Designer Series Paper) that are 4" X 5-1/2."  Score them at 1", 2",  and 3" going down the long side, so they look like this.
  Attach Sticky Strip on the 2 ends of one and one end of one and only about an inch on each side of the other end to make room for the gift card. Good tip:  Put the Sticky Strip on the side you WANT to show...lesson learned!
  Crease all the score lines you made to form "boxes".
Attach the first piece with both sides with Sticky Strip along the fold on your card base. 
Then form a box and attach the other side down with the second Sticky Strip side.
 Then attach the second piece right next to the first one and make a box going toward the center.
 Then, take the last 2 small pieces of the Sticky Strip off and attach the boxes together.  
   This will leave a space for the gift card.  You can close your card flat now.
Wellah!  As you open up the card, the gift card "pops up!"
Here's a side view.
What do you think?
Here's my version of  the card in Dawn Griffin's video.  I tweaked a couple of the measurements.  Start with a base of 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" folded in half.  Cut another piece 8" X 5-1/2" and score it at the following:  1-1/2", 3", 3-3/4", 4-3/4", 5-3/4" and 6-1/2"
 Then fold it DOWN on the first score lines (1-1/2", 3", 3-3/4"), then fold UP at 4-3/4" and then down at the last 2 score lines (5-3/4" and 6-1/2"), so the paper looks like this:
 Lay it back down and apply Sticky Strip on the first and last panels and use the gift card as reference to where to put the Sticky Strip in the "V"
 Adhere the two smaller Sticky Strip together to make sure the gift card is held.  Then, remove the two lines of Sticky Strip on one side and line it up on the fold line of the base card.
 Fold the card holder  part in half FLAT, remove the Sticky Strip red strips and
Close the card shut.
 And open it up and  WELLAH!!  Here's the Pop Up Gift Card holder!
So, which one did you like better? 

Thanks for checking in!