Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apparently I've been channeling Martha Stewart for a while...

Continuing on the Christmas theme...
So, once December rolls around, in the house we grew up in, we used to tape up the Christmas cards that we received on the double closet doors by the living room.  When we moved to the new house, the coat closet was a small one door version.
Way back in 1998 (Yes, I still have the Martha Stewart magazine with the page still bookmarked), I saw this idea Martha made with some wide green ribbon and fancy loop paper clips.
I put my twist on it and got some red velvet outdoor ribbon (more durable and longer lasting) and sewed on some of these paper clips by hand.
I made four of them and each year I tape them onto the door with  painter's tape on the back so this is what you see on the outside of the door.

So, all of our cards are still on display, but with a different look, and no tape residue on the door after the holidays.
What do you think?
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