Saturday, February 16, 2013

This year's group card for my co-workers

Hello there!
I FINALLY finished all the cards for my group for their birthdays this year, a total of 23.  And with a new addition to the group, I need to make ONE more!
I'm in charge of my department's birthday cards every year (go figure!) and I try to get them all done at the beginning of the year and let our admin take care of distributint them.  Here is my first post about this, and the second post with many year's worth of group cards.
I decided to use the Never Ending Card, but do it to the max by using two 12X12 papers.
Here is the card and it flips open 4 times to showcase 4 "sides."
Here's the "front"
 Side #2
 Side #3
 Side #4

So, there are plenty of places to have the 23 people( oops, now 24!)  in my group sign the birthday card and the recipient can have a unique and special card to celebrate their special day.
How did I make it? Check out my previous blog post using 6X6 papers and use the following measurements.
I scored the 12X12 papers at 3" and 9" and cut in opposite ways on each paper.
Adhere the 2 sheets together just as the previous blog and fold each "opening" and use your bone folder to crease it well.
Thanks for checking in!