Sunday, March 3, 2013

My newest passion?

Okay, you know the saying.."Order Out of Chaos" or in Old Latin, "Ordo Ab Chao," yes, I'm geeking out on you today~
I've been a BIG fan of the show, "Clean Sweep," (yet another reality show I'm obsessed with) that was on TLC.  I LOVE the concept of it.
I've discovered that I am REALLY good at helping OTHERS clean up their stuff.  I recently helped out Larry, a friend of my sister, Betty, with his closets. We won't mention why I can't do it this for myself. Yes, that is my Psychology degree coming out to analyze myself.

First, I asked him what his wish for his bedroom/closets to be, then we set the rules down:

We were going to follow the acronym I learned on the Oprah Show from Peter Walsh, the guru of organization, SPACE
  • SORT
Here were the rules/guidelines:
    1. One touch, then you decide where it goes: (1) Keep, (2) Donate, or (3) Toss...I made signs and assigned them places in the room
    2. The bed was going to play the tarp on the show, it has to fit on the tarp in order to keep it, limiting your "Keep" pile from growing too large
    3. We started a list of things to buy that we needed as a side note
    And about 3 hours later, we had 3 large black garbage bags to donate to Goodwill, 1 kitchen size garbage full of trash, and 3 empty containers to fill with other things when we move onto "another chapter", the living room.

    His closets were organized, with everything folded neatly (Thanks Betty!) and assigned designated stations.  There were some boxes of stuff that would later be gone through (and hopefully scrapbook later!!).

    Things of importance were promised to be out and "honored" as they should be and things that should be hung up and not stuffed in containers were hung up and not all wrinkled. And we committed to tackling the living room and other closet on another day.
    Tah-dah!!! Sorry no pictures...

    So, who's next?...haha, not me!

    Thanks for checking in!