Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting my craft on!

I attended the Grand Opening of "It's all about the Scrapbook" store in Dixon, CA on Saturday, and I was all about being able to get things DONE!
You know how it is, you want to get stuff done, but when you are at home, you find other things to do instead (laundry, chores, cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc.)

I LOVE being able to have the space and time to get things DONE!!!
Check their blog:

Here are some of the things I was working on.   A wedding card box with the retired pop up cake die.  I LOVE this die!!!
 Here is the inside, cute, right?
 Then, I couldn't stop making them, so I used different paper for birthday cake boxes.
 TAH DAH!!! Here is the box opened up.
 Here's the box from the top view, plenty of room for people to sign or to slip in a nice gift card.
 I made 4 of these, let me know if you are interested in purchasing one.  I can personalize it for you with their name if you want.
I did make one into a wedding one, see it with the white dots?
 Here's a SNEAK PEEK on a special order for someone special's big 5-Oh and for an ENTIRE department to sign.  Still got to put on some finishing touches before I give it to my customer.
 It opens up so that a lot of people can sign it.
 And, lastly I had to play with the Bow maker.  This is the die, with the paper upside down on the die.
 Here are the pieces all cut out.
And here are the bows, with two different "tails." You can also make multi-layered bows too.  That's what I'll try and make next time.
I know these are a bunch of different projects, they are just like my blog, it's a little of this and a little of that...

Thanks for checking in!