Friday, October 18, 2013

Boss' Day card for our group to sign

Did you know it was Boss' Day on Wednesday, Oct. 16th?  I didn't either, but when our admin was planning a fun surprise Friday morning with some sweet goodies and balloons.  She mentioned that she was going to the store to see if there still were Boss' Day cards, so I said, "I'll make one."
Here it is closed with the words written with the chalk pen:
I added 2 more cards in between the 2 Thinlit cards so that EVERYONE could sign it.  Here it is opened.
I used the Circle card Thinlit Die, and used my magnetic platform.  I LOVE how the die just "sticks" to the platform and there is no way for it to move or shift.
I cut 2 cards using the die using half of a 8-1/2" X 11" sheet of cardstock. See how I "weaved" the cardstock under the left side and kept the right side over the die.  Normally you would just get a regular sized card if you later the paper on top of the platform and the die on top of it.
Once you get 2 cut, you fold them following the lines made by the die in opposite directions, first as a mountain fold and the second score line as a valley fold.  You will have an extra line where the cardstock hangs over the die.
Then adhere them together in a zig zag way so the circles are opposite sides.
This is the card closed after punching out circles with the 2-1/2" circle punch and keeping it closed with a button.
This is the card opened up.
What do you think?

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