Saturday, November 30, 2013

Selling my Christmas crafts!!!

I have been a crafting maniac trying to prepare for a fair at work on Wednesday.
And yes, my mom will also be at the vendor fair selling her handmade scarves!!!  Come by and see us!!!

I've determined that I am officially OBSESSED with snowmen!  I think it's my best friend, Cynthia's fault.  She LOVES anything with a snowman and I think she started my quest to make snowmen.
These are all GREAT stocking stuffers for Christmas!!!

Here's the first craft. These are Hershey chocolate bars with fleece hats that have a jingle bell on  them.  I did them last year in this blog post.
 I made a TON of them.  And I am selling them for $2.00 a piece.
 Then, I made these cute tealight snowmen.  I don't know if you can tell that the light is on in this picture.
 Here they are without a flash, cute, eh? I also made these last year in this blog post.  I just changed it up a bit this year.
 I made another basketful of these, done!  These I'm selling for $3 each or 2 for $5.00.
 Then, I made these ADORABLE snowman that have 3 peppermint patties inside them.
 Here is one close up.  These I'm selling for $1.00 each
 And this is the side view.  See the patties?
I'm still trying to finish up my gift card holders and wine cards that hang on a bottle that you can sign.  
Thanks for checking in!