Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spinning Trap Door Card tutorial

I bought the Sweet Treat Cups, and could never figure out what to use them for.
I watched a training video on how to make this card and wanted to try it out.  Here is the card I made my niece for her 12th birthday.
 You start with a 5-1/2" by 8-1/2" piece of cardstock, score it at 4-1/4" and then cut a slit at 3-3/4" starting at the 1/2" mark until 5", leaving a 1/2" on each side.
Then, cut out 2 circles that are 4-3/4" wide.  Fold it in half both ways to determine where the center of the circle is.
 Then, lay the folded circle on top of the other one and use a Paper Piercer and poke it through the center of the circle.
 Tah Dah! A way to find the center of the circle!
Gently mark the center of the card with a pencil, and then using the 1-3/4" punch, line up the center of the punch with the pencil mark, push the punch up to as far as you can and punch the circle out.
 Slip in the Sweet Treat Cup into the hole you just punched and use the Paper Piercer to make a hole right above the rim of the cup.
 Remove the cup and slip in the circle into the slit and line up the holes in the circle and the hole you made in the card.
 Insert a small silver brad into the holes and spread the legs on the reverse side.
 Then slip the 1-3/4" punch into the card and punch out a circle on the circle paper.
Slip in the Sweet Treat Cup between the card front and the circle. DO NOT REMOVE THE ADHESIVE on the Sweet Treat Cup.
 Cut out another piece of cardstock measuring 4-1/8" by 5-3/8" , gently mark the center of the cardstock with a pencil, use the 1-3/4" punch, lining up the center of the punch, push the punch up to as far as you can and punch the circle out.
Place adhesive across the top of the extra cardstock and on both bottom corners.
 Flip the cardstock with adhesive over and lay it on the card.
 Fold your card on the first score mark you made, and fill up the cup with your goodies.
 And turn the circle until it blocks the back side of the hole.
 Here it is complete and ready for a caption to be stamped on the top of the circle.
Thanks for checking in!