Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Day in DC!!!

Since we got the tickets to go inside the Washington Monument for 11am today, we used the Metro and walked over to the Monument. The winds were SO FAST, they were blowing poor mom (and us!)when she was walking.

Here's a shot of how windy it was just waiting to get into the elevator to take us to 500 feet to the top where we can see from all 4 sides of the pyramid on top. Mom liked that the older pictures were from 1909, 1934(her birth year) and 1999. Here she is posing by one of the pictures.
You could walk around the top and stop and look out the North, East, South and West sides of the monument. Here is the West view and the guide that is posted to show you what you are looking at.

We almost were late to our designated 11:00 time because there was an police escort that blocked all the intersections leading to the monument. We don't know who it was, and the police officer wouldn't/couldn't say, just for us to tune into CNN sometime tonight. So, here is he or she passing us by...WHO COULD IT BE???

There were some different marble benches outside of the monument that Mom liked too. Here she is sitting on the "curved" ones.
So, Betty just checked out flights and it looks like we are good to go so far.
We'll be back in California before you know it.
Sharon, Betty and Mom