Monday, October 27, 2008

Only one more day left tomorrow!!!

Since our plane laves at 7:40am on Wednesday, we are trying to avoid the rush hour traffic and will be leaving the hotel at 5:00am(!!!). But, we are using a car service, so we will be arriving in STYLE!
Today, we planned on taking Mom to the Museum of Natural History, the White House Visitors Center(since we didn't get tickets to the actual White House), and the National Aquarium, but the second we stepped out of the hotel, it was so windy, she took a couple of steps and said, "Oh, no, I want to go back. It's TOO windy." So, Betty and I set out on our own once we walked Mom back to the room and put up the "Privacy Please" sign on the door.
We returned in time for lunch and we ate some instant soups we got at the store and Mom napped some before we trekked it out to Chinatown again for some real Chinese food. We took the Metro, kind of like BART, what a bargain for only $1.65 each way. It was a little rainy and cold, but not bad enough that Mom wouldn't go through for some rice.
The waitress from yesterday was amused that we returned. The waiter that was taking care of us today was really trying to "upsell" us to some Seafood Casserole with Tofu, he mentioned it and immediately wrote it on his pad, when I asked him to review what we ordered, when he mentioned that, we were like, "uh, no, we don't want that, just what we ordered."
Then, we dropped by the Chinese store and got Mom some more Chinese Cough medicine before heading back to the hotel. Good thing the Metro stations are so close to the hotel and to the restaurant, literally only a block away from each of them, it's really cool.
So, we only have one more full day tomorrow and that's it. Betty is starting to get Mom's cold, so I think we are going to take it easy tomorrow and I will try my best not to catch anything anyone has. Lot's of sanitizer!!!
We'll try and blog one last time tomorrow before we leave and then we'll be back in CA before you know it. Betty's going to get a car service from the airport to her house and then get a Zipcar to drive us home, so no worries about who's picking us up.
I just added a counter on the right side of the blog and you can see, we are up to 25 people checking in already...Cool, huh?

Sharon, Betty, and Mom