Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where has the time gone?

So, it's been a week since we came back. After laundry, multiple errands, doctor appointments and settling back home, we had a small get together at the Melendez Ranch for Betty's 35th birthday on Saturday. Betty showed over 500 pictures in a slide show with her new camera and we narrated together about all the fun we had. It's good to be home.
To catch you up...Poor Betty, since she just started to catch a cold, her flight home was not pleasant. She ended up feeling horrible and using a motion sickness bag. Since Mom was in the aisle and I was at the window, she was stuck in the middle with her bag, so she called the flight attendant to get the bag. Trying not to get MORE embarrassed than she was, she whispered, "I'm sorry, but I got sick" as she tried to hand over the bag. Unfortunately, the flight attendant yelled, "I'M SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!", so Betty had to repeat herself louder and then the flight attendant responded with, "I'LL BE RIGHT BACK, I NEED TO GET SOME GLOVES!!!" Geesh! But thanks to some Dramamine, and Betty felt better.
With Halloween on Friday, and since my mom did not want to pass out candy at home, we trekked it out to the ranch with meatloaf to feed the kids before going trick or treating. But with the threat of rain, the Melendez clan decided to go trick or treating in downtown Woodland instead. It was a little different trick or treating at stores and such, but since they really don't have a neighborhood and they didn't want to chance getting caught in the rain in the old Winters neighborhood where Juan's mom and dad used to live, that was what the kids did. Then, we shared all the souveniors we brought back with everyone.
Really good to be back...
So, on to scrapbooking the hundreds of pictures of Cook Islands for me to share and of NYC and DC for my mom to have. It's gonna take a while...

So, no more sabattical stuff on my blog, the next entry will be stamping stuff. Thanks for keeping up with my adventures. I'll have to save up again for more adventures in the future. I'll definitely do the Global Volunteers again when I can. The question is WHERE the next time?
I have a stamping class scheduled on Saturday, November 15 at my house. We'll be doing some cards and paper projects, stay tuned to see some sneak peeks and more details. Email me if you want to come.