Monday, February 20, 2012

More group cards!!!

When you have a group of 23 people who all want to sign the bday cards, you get creative on how to make them large enough for everyone to sign. Here are just some of the group cards I make for my group.
First is a folded album that I made from a 12X12 paper, scored it to 4 6X6 squares and cut one line to the middle. It folds up neatly into a 6X6 square. I used double sided paper and cut them with a variety of tools for space to sign. What do you think?

For this one, I used the Cricut to cut out the letters and made an accordian card that hung up for all to see.

Here is one that I made from a 12X12 paper. I scored it into 4" squares and cut out the outer squares. Then layered another paper scored the same way that was 11.5" X11.5" LOVE that double sided paper, and how the lid just makes the card "explode!"

Next is a unique square folded album that is tied up with ribbon.

Thanks for checking in!