Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More crafty sales!!!

Hello there!
I had some leftover items from the craft faire and brought them into work and some co-workers put in some orders for more.  For the snowman candy bars, one wanted 25 more, another wanted 9 and another wanted 10 more, so luckily I had some leftover fleece still, so I've been crafting!
I also have another order for 3 more of my mini muffin pan advent calendars.
 I was able to stamp and cut multiple windows with the Stampin' Up! Peekaboo Frames Die.  I felt like an assembly machine!  This is what the back looks like.  Last year I used sticky strip to adhere it to the pan, but then this year, I thought, how could they reuse it?  So, this year, I glued on some magnets on the back, that way the pan is reusable.
 If you are wondering what I put in as treats, I put in some Hershey's Kisses!  What a great little treat for everyday until Christmas!
 Thanks for checking in!