Sunday, January 13, 2013

Organizing my card ideas

For anyone who knows me, I'm a list maker, I have them EVERYWHERE.  I have a list by my bed, one by my computer, another one at my craft desk, and I carry around a Franklin Covey planner with my calendar and another list of "Things to Do".  Yes, I am old school when it comes to organization.
So, to help me remember what I want to create, I keep a journal of ideas. It's just a sketchbook I got from my friend Nicole. 
 I take notes when I watch a video, write down the measurements, and draw out any diagrams I may need to duplicate the card.
When I find something online, I print out the tutorial and then make a sample of the card. I have a binder full of ideas I keep on my shelf, but I was inspired by Pinterest (yet again), I saw this sticker organizer.
I like the idea of having it more visible, and it's simple.  Just a paper towel holder, binder rings and sheet protectors!
So, here's MY version that sits on a Lazy Susan I keep on my desk so I can follow along as I craft and create.
I sat down today and even organized them by categories.  I have 3-D, Fun Folds, Gift card holders,  Moving cards, and Techniques.  Some I have made samples of, and some I intend to make, so they have post-its on it to remind me to make a sample and insert it in the sheet  protector.
Let me know what you think, and thanks for checking in!